Updates and Announcements!

Hey guys!  It’s been a while…  papers became a thing I had to be concerned about because I am a perpetual student (hopefully not for much longer).  Anyway, some super exciting things.  Hunter’s Soul has been unleashed upon the world.  I got to do my first author reading at the grand finale of the Canada 150 NL literary tour by LENL (Literary Events Newfoundland).  Tomorrow Avalon Expo starts and my books will be available at the Corkboard Pens table.  I’ll be hanging around there a lot and wandering.  The winner for the 48 Hour Writing Marathon I participated in is also going to be announced.  I’m also excited because the original voice actresses for Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars are going to be there and I was obsessed with that show as a child.

Anyway, on to book news.  So, when I first started Hunter’s Soul I didn’t really have any plans for it.  It was outside of anything I’d written before but it was a story that needed to come out because Rain and Damien were such strong characters in my mind that anything else was drowned out.  Initially I’d been planning to write it as a stand-alone novel.  As you can probably guess after that sentence, that’s not happening.

With that I would like to announce the follow-up novels to Hunter’s Soul:


Hunter’s Spirit (summer 2018)


Hunter’s Sword (2019)


It’s not quite a trilogy, just because of Hunter’s Sword.  I’m also going to be evil and not say anything more about that, because I can.  I will probably to the cover reveal for Hunter’s Spirit later this winter, and I also haven’t forgotten that I did say I was going to write a post about the process I used for designing the cover of  Hunter’s Soul.

Anyway, for anyone going to Avalon Expo, I’ll be around, my books will be around, I have a super cool fountain pen to sign them with, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.  Then it’ll be back to the grindstone to get to work on Hunter’s Spirit and get ready for the Irish Loop Book Market in October!


Kindle Scout: Day 1

First off: I swear I’m not going to do this every day.

So, how this works (because I don’t think I explained it overly well before): My novel is on Kindle Scout for the next 30 days.  You can head onto the page (link below) and read the first 5000-ish words of a 117 000 word novel.  To put that in perspective, it’ll be a little over 300 pages as a physical copy.  So there’s a lot more to read.  If you decide that you want to read the rest of it, nominate it for publishing!  Readers can nominate up to 3 books at a time.  If you have an Amazon account, you can read it.  You don’t need a Kindle reader or anything like that.  You’re also given a chance to review what you’ve seen so far.

The campaign ends on July 8th at 12 am and then the Kindle Scout team decide if they want to publish it as a full eBook and they look at nominations and the reviews as well (I’d imagine).  If they decide to accept it, it’ll be an eBook and anyone who nominated it will get a FREE copy.  If not, well, on to plan B.

Even if you don’t read eBooks, still check it out and see if it looks like something you’d be interested in reading, I will have physical copies available in a few months.  I’ll make a post when they’re available (and probably another about trying to figure out the website to make them, because from what I’ve heard it’s not as easy as it sounds) and let you know where or how to get a copy.  You can also contact me with any questions through the comments section here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

The link: Hunter’s Soul

Happy reading!

Hunter’s Soul RELEASE DATE!

HUGE NEWS!  So I am releasing Hunter’s Soul, my first novel, through Kindle Scout.  What this means is that readers will have 30 days and if you like what you see, then you can nominate it for publishing!  If the campaign goes through it will be available on Amazon as a full e-book and if not I have a backup plan so you’ll still be able to read it.

I am still planning on having print copies available this fall for people who prefer a physical book.

So, on June 8th, 2017 the campaign starts at 12 am ET or 1:30 am NLT or if you happen to live out in BC it’ll be June 7th at 9 pm!!!!

And most importantly it can be found here: Hunter’s Soul

The link will not work until the campaign starts.

Happy reading everyone!

So it’s been a while, but I’m back!

I realise that it’s been a while since I posted on here, but I promise it’ll be worth it because I have some really, really exciting things coming up in the next few months that I won’t say too much about now, but I’ll post about soon, once I get some things about some things…
One thing I can say is that I now have an official facebook page. That I made about five minutes ago and will eventually figure out how to use. So for quick updates that’s a good place to start looking. For upcoming posts about how editing is awful, writing woes and wins, more about various kinds of publishing, and how epic conventions are, and the entertainment of someone trying really hard to make it as an author and trying to figure out what’s going on, this is going to be the place to be.



My first major writing thing!  I was waiting for the official announcement to post anything, and IT FINALLY CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve known for a while, but the official announcement just makes it so much more official.

Here’s a link:


If you can’t tell already, I’m SUPER EXCITED about this!!!  There are also established authors being featured who have a number of titles to their names, and someone thinks I’m a good enough writer to put up alongside them.  This is huge!

This is how big things start!  Next step: finish editing novel so I can send that off to get published…

New Writing Platforms

So I was recently introduced to something new called Wattpad.  Actually, I have no idea how new it really is, only that it’s new to me.  It’s pretty cool, you can post a story on a website -and you get to choose what rights you want to retain- for other users to read, or just go on and discover new authors.  It’s pretty user-friendly, and so far I like it, though I’ve only had an account for about a week.  Established writers can post an excerpt from their published works, or people can post full novels, or stories in installments, or just short stories.  It seems like a pretty good way to start building a fanbase, and to show that you have a marketable writing style.  In a market as competitive as writing, any little bit helps, right?

The only downside I’ve found -and I was forewarned- is that a number of the stories aren’t as polished as a published product.  This includes grammar errors, and I know people have varying abilities to ignore or tolerate them.  Admittedly mine is rather low, which can throw a wrench into reading otherwise interesting stories.  That aside, it’s worth looking at.  There’s also a mobile version, which is pretty handy.  It’s also completely free, which is even better.

My username is SOakley13 if anyone would care to check out my work.

Here’s the link: Wattpad

Writer Beware

So you’ve written a manuscript that’s bound to be the next best seller, have done all the editing and rewrites and you’ve got something polished up right nice.  Good for you.  Now you need to find a publisher, and of course, there are a ton of scams out there, and not just in self-publishing, but traditional publishing as well.  There are ‘vanity publishers’ who end up trying to get you to pay for services that any legit publisher would offer for free, sketchy contracts, and just places with a bad reputation, and unless you already know a lot about publishing, it can be hard to tell sometimes what’s good and what’s bad. Continue reading