Presenting my debut novel!

Rain Undine wants to be the greatest Hunter alive.

Damien Lance wants her to survive it.

Rain lives in a world where her people are as feared as they are necessary.  The humans call them demons even as they rely on their Hunter, Guardians, and Keepers to keep them safe.  Ever since she was small she wanted to be a Hunter, to go out and fight the Fiends who prey on living creatures.  She has no illusions that it’s a hard life, full of horror and heartbreak, but she’s certain that she can handle it.

Until she can’t.

Damien is one of the elite Hunters, walking a knife’s edge between sanity and the darkness that threatens to overtake all Hunters.  He knows how bad it can get, knows just how far down rock bottom goes.  So when his niece wants to be one of the best he’ll do everything he can to help her.  But can he help her fight a battle he’s never been able to win?

Hunter’s Soul will be released as an e-book later THIS MONTH, and there will be print copies available sometime late summer/early fall.

Stay tuned for more information!


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