So, on to Plan B…

As you may have guessed from the title, Kindle Scout didn’t choose Hunter’s Soul.  As you also may have guessed, that’s not going to stop me.

First things first, I just want to say thank you to everyone for the support and encouragement and clicking over to see Hunter’s Soul.  I don’t know how many nominations it got, but I do know how many page views, and the count went way beyond what I thought I would get.

Am I disappointed it didn’t get picked?  A little, I’m only human after all.  Do I regret doing it?  Not at all.  It was a learning experience and it let a whole bunch of people see a book they might not have looked at otherwise and it got my name out there, all good things.

So on to Plan B, which is to do it myself.  In the next few days people who nominated me will get an e-mail saying the book wasn’t selected, and hopefully not long after that it will be available (I say hopefully because I’m doing the work myself and there’s a rather steep learning curve to all this).  It should be available through Kindle, Kobo, and other sites.  They’re also doing the physical copies, and I should be ready to put in the first order next week once I review a proof copy.  For those who want a physical copy and live in Newfoundland, I’ll have them at the Canada 150 Literary Tour stop in St John’s on August 16th, and I’ll provide updates as they become available through other avenues as well for those who would prefer the physical book.

So once again, thanks everyone for your support and this is most definitely not the end for Hunter’s Soul!


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