About Me

Despite the fact that I have every expectation that for now my readers will comprise of largely friends, family and most especially my mom, I figure I might as well fill this part out for fun.  Since I do hope to become the Shakespeare of young adult fantasy someday soon. I’m allowed to dream. 😛  However, if you don’t know me personally, I hope you find this blog entertaining.

When I’m not scheming of a way to get published, I’m a student, I graduated with a BA majoring in Art History & Visual Studies with a minor in Social Justice Studies and I’m working on a post-grad diploma in Cultural Resource Management. I’m a writer, a chronic bookworm, and an activist.  I play the clarinet and am a very proud band geek for life.  Other interests include fencing (mostly epee), aikido, swimming and occasionally archery though I’m really bad at it.  As all of that may indicate, I’m a little odd.  But I prefer the term ‘eccentric’ to ‘crazy’.

My main interests in writing are with young/new adult fantasy, fantasy in general, paranormal, romance, some general fiction and a little poetry.  I also like to experiment, and some of these have included plays which have actually been performed, in front of an audience in public.  I always have a few projects floating around.


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