A New Year, A New… Something.

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My Writing Bucket List

It’s good to have goals. This list may get longer as I come up with new things, and hopefully I’ll be able to cross off a few items soon!

1. Get accepted by a conventional publisher.
2. Have moderate success in self-publishing.
3. Have one of my books banned. (Let’s face it, all the good books are banned somewhere)
4. Have a bunch of film people want to make one of my books into a movie (not sure whether or not I’ll actually go for that)
5. Write a script for a movie.
6. Have said script made into a movie.
7. Win 5 awards.
8. Get a fan letter from someone I don’t know.
9. Have a book translated into at least 3 other languages.
10. Get published in 3 different genres (or sub-genres).
11. Become the Shakespeare of YA fantasy.
12. Get published in an anthology with other famous writers.
13. Attend a writing workshop.
14. Attend a writing camp.
15. Get asked to host a writing workshop. (And then do it)
16. Get some sort of international recognition. (NOT for a movie made from a book, that’s too easy)
17. Get a fan letter from someone I don’t know who lives in another country.